Are Do-It-Yourself Wedding Flowers Right For You?

diy wedding flowers

Smart couples planning a wedding today are always looking for ways to hold the line on their wedding costs. One option some consider is doing their own wedding flowers.

Do-it-yourself wedding flowers can save money, but is it right for you?

Recently, I came across an article written by David Stark, one of New York’s trendiest event planners, that explains what’s involved in the process of doing your own wedding flowers.

It’s a solid planning guideline that will help you decide what or how much you can do, and where you might need outside help.

While not discouraging you from doing your own wedding flowers, he doesn’t sugarcoat the process either. In my experience, he tells it like it is.

If you are considering doing all or part of your own wedding flowers, reading this article is definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Flowers: Let your creative side shine — but get ready for a workout

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