Easy Iris Care in 7 Steps

Blue Iris Bouquet

Iris is another popular flower we sell a lot of in our shop. Iris is available year-round, but it is at its peak from January-May. Their beautiful color and unique flower shape continue to make them a favorite among our customers.

For maximum vase life, cut iris should be purchased in the bud stage, with just the tips showing color. Whether you receive iris as a gift, or buy them to enjoy yourself, they will arrive either arranged, boxed, or wrapped.

If the iris arrives out of water, here are seven steps you should immediately follow to extend their vase life: 

  1. Upon arrival, remove any foliage that may be under water.
  2. While holding the stems under water in a sink or under running water, cut about one inch off each stem with a sharp knife or shears. DO NOT let the newly cut end dry off before transferring it back to your arrangement or other container.
  3. Water to which a good floral preservative has been added is the best solution in which to arrange fresh cut iris. Using it as recommended will provide additional days of vase life. Avoid using water from a water softener.
  4. Immediately after the stems are cut, place your iris in a clean, deep vase of warm preservative solution (about 100 degrees F). If possible leave them in a cool dark room or refrigerator to ‘condition’ for 2 or 3 hours after arranging.
  5. If your irises are boxed or wrapped, be careful when unpacking them! DO NOT bump the tips of your iris.
  6. Temperature is key to the lifespan of all flowers, especially iris. Display your fresh cut irises in a cool area out of direct sunlight and drafts, to extend their lifespan.
  7. Iris are thirsty flowers. It is important to check to see that the vase is full and add preservative solution often. If arranged in floral foam, be sure the foam is completely saturated and the container is full of water daily.

This short video segment shows some great tips and tricks to help extend your iris vase life.

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