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How do I get my cyclamen to rebloom?

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How do I get my cyclamen to rebloom?


During the holiday season, a very popular holiday flowering plant is cyclamen. They are beautiful in bloom, but getting them to re-bloom can be a bit tricky, but definitely doable.

Customers who call our shop are looking for tips to care for their cyclamen, so I posted a quick cyclamen care article that you can read here: Cyclamen Plant Care.

But if you’re looking for more in-depth information on the steps you should be taking to get your cyclamen to re-bloom, be sure to check out this article I came across in the San Francisco Chronicle: Reblooming cyclamen a tough, but tangible task

Although it’s a bit of work (but, in my opinion, not as much as with poinsettias), with a little luck you should be able to have your cyclamen re-bloom again next year.


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