Prom Flowers 2015 – Bling’s Still the thing!

With prom season just around the corner, some of you may be interested in what’s trending in prom flowers this year. From everything I’ve seen, read and heard, it will again be all about the “bling”, but with a few interesting new twists.

From new styles of beaded and jeweled bracelets to all types of unusual accents, the use of fashion flower jewelry will be front and center this year.

Here are several of the latest posts I’ve come across that feature some unique floral ideas using some of the new fashion flower jewelry and accessories that are available: 

Top 5 Colorful Prom Looks for 2015

Color is the word for prom 2015. Flowers and floral accents are the perfect prom accessories and come in so many beautiful bright colors. Here are my top five favorite looks for 2015 …

New trends for 2015 Prom Corsages and Boutonnieres

The final procedure before heading to prom is pinning or placing the beautiful flower on your date. Corsages and boutonnieres have really come far since the beginning of dances. The 2015 trends …

Prom Flowers: On Trend-Prom 2015-All about That BLING!

On Trend-Prom 2015 – All about That BLING! For those that love it, (and who doesn’t love it at least a little?) there’s no such thing as too much bling! Featured here is the new Cobblestone rhinestone bracelet with. Delphinium …

Prom Flower Experience

Here’s a short video showcasing some of the latest prom flower trends for this season…

Fascinatingly Fabulous Floral Prom Wear

An especially fun trend this year for those wishing to be noticed are floral fascinators. A fascinator is a fun, funky and enchanting headpiece, and a perfect complement to traditional prom flowers. If you definitely want to be on the cutting edge of floral fashion this year, check them out here…

Pinterest – Prom Flowers

If you really want to overdose on ideas for prom flowers, be sure to check out Pinterest. You definitely will get more ideas than you will ever need here…

Prom Flower Pairings

This video feautres a selection of prom dresses and matching flower ideas that complement each of them…

Prom flowers: Would you like ribbons with that corsage?

Only a few short years ago, very few choice were available for Prom. By far the most popular was a wrist corsage with sweetheart roses, Baby’s Breath, tulle and ribbons attached to an elastic cloth band. I’m not sure if it was popular because we really liked it or that was the only choice offered. hmmm….

Prom Flower Do's & Don'ts

DO come in with your date to order your prom flowers together! Not only will your flowers coordinate better, but you’ll get some input into what they’ll look like. Do you really want his mom ordering your flowers? …

Many of the floral bracelets, accessories and accents featured in these posts are from Fitz Design, who has the hottest product line for proms and weddings used today by floral professionals.

As prom season gets closer, check for updates to this post or on our Facebook page

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  • I am in Austin TX and need to find a retailer who sells Fitz
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  • Labellesflowers has something spectacular for students in the Pasadena area. The conversation is all about how much flair flowers bring to the big event.