Wedding flower worksheet

Wedding Flowers Worksheet – Free Download

Wedding flower worksheet

If you plan to do your own wedding flowers, the wedding flowers worksheet at is a tool you can use to find how many flowers you will need.

It is a free download, but you will have to submit your name and email address to access it. Having worked with it myself, I found it was easy to use and particularly effective for price comparisons, especially if you are researching multiple vendors.

Here is how it works.

Simply pick your favorite flowers, then start entering them in the worksheet. Start with your focal flowers, then add any filler flowers and greens you want to use.

The worksheet will automatically calculate the proper amount of flowers you need for the bouquets, ceremony and reception flowers you want to make.

This worksheet takes the guesswork out of knowing how many flowers to buy. It’s the recipe you need to create the wedding flowers of your dreams without wasting money.

Download the calculator to get started