How To Arrange Calla Lilies in a Tall Cylinder Vase

How To Arrange Calla Lilies in a Tall Cylinder Vase

Even if you’ve never tried to arrange calla lilies before in your life, this short video walks you through the simple steps it takes to put together this absolutely beautiful calla lily arrangement in a glass cylinder vase.

Whether you are a veteran or an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer, master florist Alexandra Lyons answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding working with calla lilies.

It’s a video I think you’re going to really enjoy, especially if you are a die-hard calla lily lover. Watch and see if you feel the same!

Well, did you get a few good tips out of the video? I hope so! FYI, the spiral bamboo used in the video can be purchased on eBay, Amazon, or ordered through your local florist. 28 gauge crimped bullion wire can also be found on Amazon for around $10.

Cylinder vases come in various heights, but for stability, the larger the diameter is, the more stability you’ll get. The one used in the video has a diameter of 6 inches, which also allows for the use of the spiral bamboo.

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