Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet Ideas

White Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet

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Calla lilies are still one of the most popular wedding flowers sold by retail florists. Most brides are aware that purchasing calla lily wedding bouquets through a florist can be expensive.

But they also realize that calla lilies are one of the more difficult flowers for a bride to work with, should she want to design the bouquets herself.

What they may not realize is there is another option they may not be familiar with – pre-made wedding flower collections.

If you are looking for affordable calla lily bridal bouquet ideas, these collections of calla lily floral arrangements are definitely an option to consider.

And starting at just $129.99, these collections are a great way to save money and get some of the freshest, most beautiful wedding flowers available, without having to do it yourself.

This collection includes a handcrafted bridal bouquet of white calla lilies and Star of Bethlehem and a matching mini calla lily boutonniere for the groom.

White Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet

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You can then add coordinating calla lily bridesmaid bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, calla lily table centerpieces and more as needed, so you get the combination that will work best for you.

The flowers are harvested specifically for your wedding, then professionally arranged and delivered to your door three days before the event in a specially-engineered box.

This process ensures you get gorgeous flowers at a very affordable price. Freshness and on-time delivery are guaranteed.

If you want to stretch your wedding flower budget even further, you could consider creating your own calla lily floral arrangements for the reception.

Mini white calla lilies are perfect for creating elegant table centerpieces. They can be used on their own of combined with other flowers like roses, to provide the perfect finishing touch to your guest tables.

If you are looking for more affordable calla lily floral arrangements for your wedding that are fully designed and ready to carry down the aisle, take a look at these calla lily wedding collections.

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