How to Make a Christmas Centerpiece with Fresh Greens

For those of you who are entertaining this holiday season, and are also watching your budget, here’s a video I found showing you how to make a fragrant Christmas centerpiece with fresh greens that includes cedar, balsam, white pine, and a candle.

This short video walks you through the steps it takes to put together this beautiful Christmas centerpiece, even if you have never attempted to make one before.

If you’re new to floral design, this short video will answer many of the most frequently asked questions that we’re asked frequently about designing a Christmas centerpiece.

It’s a video we think you will truly love, especially if you are a true DIYer. Take a look and see if you feel the same way as we do!

All of the supplies used in the video can be purchased from your local florist, garden center or craft store.

Pretty easy, don’t you think? I was hoping you’d like it!

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