5 Quick and Easy DIY Centerpiece Ideas You Can Use

While looking for easy-to-do centerpiece ideas, I came across several that were perfect for anyone looking for unique DIY centerpiece ideas they could create themselves for a wedding, holiday party, birthday party, or anniversary celebration.

I wanted to find arrangements that anyone, no matter their experience level, could do. And I wanted the cost to be reasonable. I did find several centerpiece ideas shared by some of the best wedding and home decor bloggers that would work well.

Caterpillar Vase Arrangement

The first is this versatile glass caterpillar vase. It’s dead-simple to do, even for a novice, and it only takes a few flowers.

The example pictured uses a few garden blooms, but could be done with any type of flowers.

If you have a small budget, this is a perfect idea for a small table accent. Because the vase is unique, it’s certain to be a conversation starter!

DIY Flower Arrangement

DIY Fresh Flower Centerpiece


Another one of the DIY centerpiece ideas I ran across was this arrangement of white hydrangeas and pink spray roses, arranged in a mirrored container.

This arrangement can be created in less than 15 minutes, with a minimum flower cost.

One tip is to always select flowers that have healthy looking foliage on the stem, as that can also be used as additional filler in your arrangement.

Using a rectangular container like the one pictured, it a perfect centerpiece for a bridal table, or dinner table for a more intimate gathering.

Get the how-to here: DIY Fresh Flower Centerpiece

DIY Floral Centerpiece Tutorial

DIY centerpiece ideas

Image:The Sweet Occasion

This arrangement featuring yellow tulips, alstroemeria and peonies, is a one of the DIY centerpiece ideas I found that might be a little more advanced, but still doable for the newbie designer as well.

It uses a grid to hold the flowers in the shallow bowl, which is a technique that anyone who arranges flowers should have in their arsenal.

Perfect arrangement style to use on round guest tables at a wedding or event.

Get the how-to here: DIY Floral Centerpiece

How To Make a Lush Floral Centerpiece

centerpiece ideas

Image:A Practical Wedding

This arrangement is probably better suited for the home, but the technique can easily be applied when doing multiple centerpieces for a wedding or event.

Not the least expensive of the centerpiece ideas featured here, but not every arrangement you do can always be done on the cheap. Sometimes you just need to make a statement.

This arrangement delivers that message, loud and clear.

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Candy & Flowers Centerpiece Tutorial

DIY centerpiece ideas

Image:Such Pretty Things

This arrangement filled with candy is one of those DIY centerpiece ideas that is very versatile. It can be used very effectively for all kinds of different occasions.

Our shop has done arrangements like this using red cinnamon hearts for Valentine’s Day, jelly beans for Easter, as well as M & M’s in wedding colors for guest tables at the reception.

Using the technique described in the tutorial, the only limit to your options is your imagination!

Get the how-to here: Candy Centerpiece Idea

Give the tutorials shared in this post a go and share your favorite centerpiece ideas by leaving a comment below.

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