How To Choose The Right Floral Glue For Your Floral Designs

How To Choose The Right Floral Glue For Your Floral Designs

Since I sell a lot of flowers for weddings and events to DIYers, I often get asked which floral glue I recommend using.

This video presentation answers that question. In it, AIFD designer Sharon McGukin introduces you to several different types of floral adhesives, and the proper application of each.

It even contains a great tip about floral glue that’s a real timesaver when you are working with Oasis floral foam.

Whether you are a pro or newbie DIYer, it’s an informative video I think you are going to like. Watch it and see if you feel the same.

I hope the information in the video was useful.

And while we’re on the subject, a complete line of Oasis and Lomey glue, tape and adhesives can be found online at Amazon or most wholesale florist suppliers.

With that said, an introduction is in order.

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That said, this wasn’t my initial intention…

Okay, before we proceed, I should really admit something. My own selfish needs are really what prompted me to create this site. See, I watch a lot of videos (like the floral glue presentation you just took a look at), and I honestly just wanted a place where I could check out all of my favorites under one roof.

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The truth is, I’m very passionate about flowers and sharing cool stuff with cool people… like you! πŸ˜‰

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