Effective Flower Care and Handling Tips From The Pros

Effective Flower Care and Handling Tips From The Pros

Proper flower care and handling is a critical part of our business. I love hearing from my customers about how long the flowers they bought from our shop lasted. They’re often quite surprised.

We’re not surprised, however, knowing the quality and care that the flowers we sell receive from the time they are harvested to the time they are sold.

I came across a good video on the subject of cut flower care that lays out the steps the pros use when it comes to flower care and handling.

With the number of DIYers who work with flowers for weddings and events, I this video will be helpful in understanding proper cut flower care. Watch it and see if you agree.

I hope that the video was useful, and you are equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to make all of your flowers last longer.

And while we’re on the topic, all of the Floralife cut flower care products used in this video, including QuicK Dip, flower food, and Finishing Touch can easily be found online.

Crowning Glory can be used in place of Finishing Touch, as it does essentially the same thing, but it is actually formulated more for wedding bouquet work, where more delicate flowers are often used.

All of these flower care products can also be found in a convenient Floralife starter kit as well.

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So look, before we continue, there happens to be something important I want to come clean about. To be honest, I really put together this blog for myself.

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