FTD Flower Delivery Deals Update

FTD Flower Delivery Deals Update

A while back, I posted some information about FTD featuring some great deals on selected floral gifts from their catalog.

Nothing seems to have changed there. In fact, the deals seem to have even gotten better! Check out their current deals on this page.

Recently, someone asked me if the orders placed online at FTD.com were delivered by a local florist. I think many people assume they are.

The answer is “No”.

FTD does use local florists to hand-deliver many, but not all, of the orders placed on their site.

Here’s what to look for when ordering

If the flowers you want are marked “Shipped in a Box”, they will not be delivered by a local florist. They will be shipped directly from the grower and will have to be arranged by the recipient when they arrive.

Therefore, they can’t be delivered to a hospital patient or funeral service. And it’s usually not the best way to surprise someone at their workplace, either.

Also, keep in mind that FTD member florists are not required to stock anything displayed on the FTD’s website. Therefore, if you are looking for something specific, I would not suggest ordering online. You may not get what you see.

When you place your order online, your order will be routed to a randomly-selected local florist in the area for delivery. You will be charged an additional fee for this service. And you may not get exactly what you see.

Here’s a better way to order…

Place your order with the florist directly. You will avoid any service fees. Here’s where you can go online to find a local FTD florist.

Once you locate a florist in the area, call them directly, rather than order on their website.

By speaking directly to the florist you’ll know if they have (or can get) the flowers you want, and are able to deliver as requested. That’s especially important if your order is time-sensitive or requires special handling.

Remember, FTD is not a florist. They simply distribute the online floral orders they receive to their members to fulfill.

It’s a convenient way for consumers to send flowers but is definitely not be the best way to order flowers in every circumstance.

For that reason, and even though it’s a little low-tech, a phone call is still (and always will be) the best way to order flowers. 🙂