How to Create Eye-Catching Miniature Gardens

How to Create Eye-Catching Miniature Gardens

Miniature Garden Table
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Miniature gardens are a trend that’s on fire today! Traditional dish gardens, terrariums, and European blooming gardens have been around for years.

Often accented with fresh or silk flowers, branches, butterflies and birds, these “mini-gardens” are still very popular gift items for all occasions.

But for those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, miniature gardens are really the way to go today.

And it’s easy to see why.

Today’s miniature gardens take the traditional dish garden and ratchet
it up to a whole new creative level, made possible by the many new plant choices and accent pieces that are available.

Because creating miniature gardens is fast and easy, it’s
become a hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, especially children.

Miniature garden in clay pot
Image via Pinterest

Even if you are a complete gardening novice, you won’t have to look far online to find all the inspiration and help you need.

From creating magical fairy gardens to finding imaginative containers to use, a quick online search will provide a ton of ideas you can use to get started.

One place that’s filled with ideas is Pinterest, but there are many more places you can check out as well.

If you scroll down further, there is a short video tutorial on creating a miniature garden.

Once you create your first one and see how easy it is to do, I’m certain it won’t be your last.

Where to Find Unique Accessories for Miniature Gardens

Miniature garden accessories
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I mentioned that the accessories you can add to miniature gardens or terrariums are what really will make them unique and special.

From fairies and gnomes to fences and furniture, choosing the right accent pieces will really bring your garden to life.

If you’re looking for unique accessories or supplies to create or complete the perfect miniature garden, take a look at a few of the items showcased here.

Many of these types of accessories can be purchased at locally at your
florist, garden center or hobby shop, or you can shop the entire miniature garden accessories catalog online for some creative ideas.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned veteran, with more than 750 accessories available, you’re certain to find just what you need. Don’t forget, they make great gifts for the avid gardener, too!

My Favorite Miniature Garden Accessory

Nothing breathes life into a miniature garden or terrarium more than including a cute animal or two.

The most popular animals include cats, dogs, birds, and frogs.

But my personal favorite is the hedgehog.

These cute little guys add a playful touch to miniature gardens or terrariums and really attract attention because they add such a whimsical touch.

I love all animals, but a cute little hedgehog always makes me smile!

Ideas and Inspriation for a Miniature Garden for Your Home or Patio

In this short video, you’ll get a lot of ideas you can use for a miniature garden of your own!

I hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for sticking with me this long.

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