Planning A Wedding – Following the Roadmap to Wedded Bliss

Planning A Wedding – Following the Roadmap to Wedded Bliss

The wedding industry is just like any other. It’s filled with statistics, facts, and figures. Based on the data they’ve collected over the past year, the folks at Wedding Paper Divas have put together this cute infographic, detailing each of the major steps of planning a wedding from the first “I Love You!” to “Happily Ever After”.

When it comes to laying out the facts and figures involved in planning a wedding, I’m sure you’ll agree that a fun infographic sure beats telling the story using flow charts, bar graphs, and pie charts!

Wedding Paper Divas Road to Bliss Infographic

If you would like to create your own wedding timeline infographic, Wedding Paper Divas offers several save the date cards that let you design your own. A couple of my favorites are pictured below.

planning a wedding

You can check out their entire collection of save the date cards by following this link.

I hope you liked the infographic and see what those 3 little words (“I love you”) can start!

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