Primrose Plant Care

Every year at this time, we get a lot of questions about the care of primrose plants, which are available around here in January and February.
Primula aka

The primrose plants most often sold by florists are the polyanthus primula, which is a hybrid variety.

It is a low growing and compact plant that features small, vibrant clusters of flowers that grow from the center of the plant.

Primrose plant care is very easy, if you follow these simple tips.

  • Primroses like cooler conditions and can remain in bloom for weeks if kept at temperatures between 50° to 60° F.
  • Primroses need plenty of moisture but little direct sunlight, making them a great winter blooming plant to enjoy in this area.

If you would like a little more in-depth care information about caring for primroses indoors, here a two resources worth checking out:

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Care indoors. Keep the plant in bright, indirect sun. Direct sun can scorch the leaves causing dried browned spots. This blooming houseplant will last longer in cooler temperatures (60F). The soil should be well-drained and

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More tips and advice on primroses

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Expert: Yolanda Vanveen
Bio: Yolanda Vanveen is a third-generation flower grower and sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Wash. She is the owner of Filmmaker: Daron Stetner

Primula For All Climates

Nearly every garden, no matter how small, has a spot that receives sun for only an hour or so a day. It may be only a narrow border against the north side of.

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