Lower Your Wedding Flower Cost With These 5 Tips

Lower Your Wedding Flower Cost With These 5 Tips

Wedding Flower Cost

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Your wedding flower cost can be a significant expense. At our shop, for example, wedding flowers generally range between $500 – $2000, not including the reception.

Reception flower costs vary widely, depending on your budget, how much and the type of floral decor you want.

Wedding flowers, done professionally, will always cost more than doing your own.

That’s why many brides today choose to do their own wedding flowers as a way to save money.

But there are ways to narrow that gap and still get the professionally-designed wedding flowers you really want.

Here are five proven tips you can use to keep your wedding flower cost under control:

  • Set a realistic floral budget and stick to it
  • This is the number one problem I see. Most couples are budgeting much less than they should for flowers, or they have already spent the money that was intended for flowers on other things.

    You can get an idea of how much you should budget for wedding flowers by using our free wedding cost estimator tool, which can be found here.

    Once you roughly know your wedding flower cost, set aside that money in your wedding account and continue to add to it regularly.

    When budgeting, don’t make the mistake of budgeting too tightly. Flower prices can and do fluctuate. Try to keep a 10% cushion to cover any unexpected expenses.

  • Pick your floral priorities
  • Before you meet with a florist, choose what’s important to you. Flowers for the bridal party? Ceremony flowers? Reception flowers? Being upfront with your florist will allow him or her to offer you a number of options. Draw on their experience, it will save you money.

    Many florists, including us, offer wedding flower packages that can save you significant money. They’re not a perfect fit for every wedding, but we have had brides who have put them to some pretty creative uses.

    One bride used one of our corsage packages to finish off some brightly colored gift boxes she used on her guest tables.

    Another tip to save on your overall wedding flower cost is to be flexible. For example, you will usually save money by working with color, rather than specific flower types. Your florist can advise you here as well.

    wedding flower cost

    Image:Milwaukee Wedding Florist

  • Get your florist involved earlier in the planning process
  • Many florists provide other products and services for weddings and events or work closely with other professionals that do. Many offer decor and prop rental, linen rental and venue lighting.

    Working with your florist early on can help to significantly reduce your wedding flower cost, by spending less on related products and services you’re considering.

    For example, I just met with a bride who bought several large cylinder vases to use for her reception, something she could have rented from us for much less.

  • Ask for a lower price
  • It’s always a buyer’s market if you know what to ask for, and how to ask for it. Being upfront with your budget is the key here, even if you’re just looking for the lowest price. As I mentioned earlier, many florists offer incentives that are well suited for couples planning a wedding on a tight budget.

    However, if you do plan to spend over a certain amount with them, most florists are usually willing to throw in additional products or services for little or no cost. If a florist knows you are ready to spend $xxx, it’s unlikely he or she will let you walk out the door without offering a few incentives.

    They will find a way to make it work, trust me. Even if it doesn’t cut your wedding flower cost, you’ll wind up with more for your money.

    An example of what we are currently offering can be found on our current promotions page.

    I have found this to be the case with many of the wedding vendors we work with. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

  • Don’t overlook the details
  • Miscellaneous expenses that florists usually charge such as delivery fees, set-up and tear-down fees, and service charges can really add up. You need to keep an eye on what you’re paying for.


Spending wisely or saving money on your wedding is important. It’s a priority for the majority of couples planning weddings today.

I’ve outlined 5 different ways that you can use to lower your wedding flower cost.

Use them with all of your wedding vendors. I think you’ll be surprised at the results.

If you have any questions about lowering your wedding flower cost, or any money-saving tips that you have used, just leave them below in the comment section.

I'm the owner of Greenfield Flower Shop in Milwaukee, with more than 40 years of experience in the floral, wedding, and event business.