Wedding planning tips from the professionals at Marriott

As a businessperson, I understand the value of using outside professionals in my business. I use them because the money and time I save adds up to much more than the money I pay them.

That’s why I have always recommended that couples work with experienced wedding professionals, rather than trying to do it themselves. The reality today is that many couples find themselves dealing with higher costs and smaller budgets. They tend to view using wedding professionals as an unnecessary expense. The truth is, when you add up the amount of time and money, most couples are likely spending far more money than they are saving.

I came across an article recently, put together by the certified wedding pros at the Marriott Hotels & Resorts. It contains 20 great tips designed to help couples and their families make sound choices when planning a budget wedding. It’s expert advice that should help you keep some money in your pocket, as well as demonstrate the advantages of working with wedding professionals.

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Plan Your Budget Wedding: Sensible Wedding Planning Alternatives and Creative Tips for your Dream Wedding

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