Create A Fall Floral Arrangement That’s Perfect For Home Entertaining

Create A Fall Floral Arrangement That’s Perfect For Home Entertaining

With more of us entertaining at home now, knowing how to create a fall floral arrangement is a very timely topic.

This video, from Leanne Kesler, education director at the Floral Design Institute, not only shows you how to do it but also shares a couple of floral design techniques that in my opinion, are absolutely worth sharing with any floral designer, from an experieced pro to a DIYer.

It’s a tutorial I think you’ll really like, especially if you are the hands-on type. Watch and see.

After the video, I’ll give you my takeaways and see if you agree.

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I hope you enjoyed the video and gained a little insight from it. There were a couple of things I saw in the video that are worth sharing.

Here are my takeaways

The first thing I noted was the arrangement did not use any greenery to cover the floral foam, just the wide burlap ribbon. Not having to “green” containers can be a real time-saver, especially if you are a number of arrangements for an event.

However, when only using ribbon without greenery, be sure not to insert the wooden picks too deep.

Ribbon should never touch or rest on wet floral foam. Water absorption from the foam can stain or ruin it.

The tip on “terracing” the focal flowers (sunflowers and kale) is a technique that floral designers employ to create visual interest.

Knowing how to work with damaged blooms allows imperfect flowers to be effectively used, which cuts down on waste.

Also, the “arrow point” cut mentioned is a type of cut that can be used on any thicker or woody-stemmed flowers to allow them to draw more water from the floral foam.

Both of these techniques are good ones to have in your floral design arsenal.

Lastly, the placement of the carnations also should be noted. Since this arrangement uses no other greenery, the carnations are tucked in close to the floral foam.

That serves to give more visual depth to the arrangement, and also helps to conceal the mechanics.

And speaking of flowers…

You can buy all of the blooms needed to create an arrangement like this, including sunflowers, kale, pin-cushion protea, hypericum, safflower, and billy balls online.

Websites such as BloomsbytheBox, GlobalRose and FiftyFlowers should carry them all.

I only mention these sites because they are the only ones that I have had any personal experience buying from.

Buying from any online site may be overkill if you only making an arrangement or two for yourself because you won’t need more than one bunch of each.

I recommend just purchasing them from your local florist.

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Create A Fall Floral Arrangement

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