What Do Florists Charge for Wedding Flowers?

Do They Charge More?

If you believe any of the social media or wedding forum comments you read, you might get the impression that every florist inflates their prices for wedding flowers.

They make it seem like it’s the standard operating procedure in the floral industry.

I tend to take comments like these with a grain of salt. They are usually written by someone who may have had a bad experience, and is just venting.

While it might happen from time to time, I don’t believe it’s a widespread issue.

This short parody video highlights the perception that some couples have about florists and wedding flower prices.

I have to admit, it did make me laugh a little. But I also came away wondering how many more people think the same thing.

More importantly, that’s a problem. Take a look and see for yourself.

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In my opinion, this video shows that the lack of price transparency when it comes to wedding flowers is still a big issue with many couples.

A while back, I read an interesting article entitled Weddings Cost Money. Period. (Sorry, it’s no longer available online).

It dealt with the authors’ frustration and concerns with setting up her wedding budget.

In it she wrote:

Most vendors I’ve contacted won’t tell me what they cost except that they will “work with me” to realize my “vision.”

She points to the fact that many vendors are not upfront about their pricing, citing it as the main reason for her frustration.

On the flip side…

Some of my colleagues tell me their biggest frustration is dealing with clients whose expectations for wedding flowers often far exceeds their budget.

But rather than lose the client, they offer to “work with you” to realize your “vision.”

This generally leads to an unhappy ending for both the client and the florist.

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How we decided to address the pricing issue

In my experience, the key to successfully working with brides is managing expectations, and that starts at the initial contact.

Since most couples begin researching florists online, it made sense to us to provide information about ourselves, our wedding services, and our pricing as well.

Like most florists, many of the couples we serve are referred to us by family, friends, or other couples we’ve worked with in the past.

Even though these couples are predisposed to working with us, we felt it was still a good idea for us to clearly post our wedding flower prices and policies.

Therefore, couples can decide for themselves whether we may be a good fit for them before proceeding further.

In addition, it also allows them to compare prices without any sales pressure.

And they also know what to expect prior to meeting with us for the first time.

How has it worked out for us?

Frankly, when the decision was made to post our prices online, we had concerns that it might have a negative effect on our wedding business.

Actually, the opposite has happened. As a result, we are getting more organized, well-prepared wedding clients, some reserving dates as far as 10-15 months out.

It’s become a win-win situation for both our clients and our shop.

If you’re getting married we invite you to check our wedding flower prices here.

Or use the free tools and resources offered there as well.

Lastly, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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