Garden Roses – Add Fragrance and Romance to Your Wedding Flowers

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I’ve been in the flower business long enough to remember when customers bought roses simply for their romance and sweet fragrance. Those days are long gone.

Today’s customer demands greater value when buying roses. And commercial rose growers have listened and acted.

They have developed new rose varieties that are hardier, open beautifully, have a longer vase life, and can be purchased at affordable prices.

But the rose grower’s success has come at the expense of another key ingredient, fragrance, which has been sacrificed in the process.

According to master florist Cherrie Silverman, a staff floral designer for The Tournament of Roses Parade,

“In the 25 years that I’ve been in the floral business we’ve seen a gradual trade off — roses last longer but they’ve lost their fragrance.”

I agree. Most roses grown commercially today have little or no fragrance compared to roses sold by florists in the past.

But not everyone is concerned about how long their roses last. I find that especially true when meeting with brides-to-be, who place a much higher value on the romance and fragrance of the flowers they choose, rather than their vase life.

Once again, rose growers have listened, and have significantly stepped up production of garden roses. More are being grown and sold than I can remember in a long time.

One of my favorites for bridal bouquets is “Vitality” (pictured above).

“Vitality” is a beautiful, fragrant white garden rose. It has a shorter vase life compared to other commercially-grown roses, but this rose is definitely a winner with our brides-to-be!

If you are a romantic when it comes to flowers, you will love this rose, too.

You can buy “Vitality” roses from FiftyFlowers, and get free overnight shipping within the U.S..

White garden roses come in other stunning varieties, several of which are pictured below.

White Garden Roses

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If you’re not sure which variety of garden roses you like best, FiftyFlowers offers an affordable garden rose sampler pack.

It’s a great gift idea (Hint, hint!), and you can choose your own varieties, too. Definitely worth checking out.

I'm the owner of Greenfield Flower Shop in Milwaukee, with more than 40 years of experience in the floral, wedding, and event business.

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