Choosing Wedding Bouquets That Define Your Style

Choosing Wedding Bouquets That Define Your Style

Every bride has an opinion about the flowers she likes or dislikes. By just listening, it’s pretty easy to come up with ideas for wedding bouquets she would like.

But the florist that not only listens but “hears” what the bride is saying, can truly capture the personality and style of the bride and transfer that into her bouquet.

I came across some great photos in a post entitled “Bridal Bouquets – Your Style” that illustrates exactly what I mean.

Note that each of these wedding bouquets is very similar in style, but the flower and color choices used make them strikingly different in their effect.

Also, notice the finishing touches on several of the bouquets, especially the pearled stephanotis and the cameo attached to the lily-of-the-valley bouquet. They show a real sense of the bride’s style and the florist’s attention to detail.

wedding bouquets
Image: StyleMePretty

In my opinion, attention to detail is what separates true professionals from the rest of the pack. Check out the inspiring bouquet pictured here and note the amazing attention to detail that went into the design of the bouquet.

wedding bouquets
Image: OasisFloralProducts

These wedding bouquets point out the value of using a professional florist to design your wedding flowers. When choosing a florist for your wedding, be sure to select one that not only listens, but really “hears” what you’re saying.

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